At Hyperstack, we believe in the power
of blockchain to change the world

2000 Years ago the Paper was invented. Still, then We’re using it as the only trust medium in Land Ownership, College degrees, Experience Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc. Therefore it's a paper, it’s still can be easily replicated into duplicate records. Easily be lost, no proof of authenticity and can’t be maintained.

Hyperstack is a Blockchain platform where all kinds of Documents, Identity, and certificates can be stored in the decentralized blockchain. As Publicly and Privately accessible ledgers, Hyperstack can make all kinds of record-keeping more efficient. Property titles, College Degrees, etc. are a case in point. They tend to be susceptible to fraud, as well as costly and labour-intensive to administer. So if all records are stored in Hyperstack Blockchain Therefore, The Document will be Fully Decentralized, More Authentic, Immutable (Stored forever), Irreversible, Indestructible, Digitally Signed by the distributor (So no fraud).


“Moving the world forward by innovating and creating things that can create a lasting impact on human lives, for the better” - Hyperstack.


“Spreading the power of decentralized global trust” - Hyperstack.