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Why Our Clients Push The Desire For Digital Credentials

The demand for skill-based learning programs and job opportunities has increased over the last few years. 

Many top companies around the world have switched their recruitment process, from traditional degree-based recruitment to skill-based recruitment. The focus on an individual’s technical knowledge and abilities related to the tasks at hand has been increasing consistently and is a key trend in the human capital area. 

Short-form, digital credentials are paving the way for new learning methods, and learners and working professionals couldn’t be happier. After all, not many people have the time to sit for multiple months or even years for a traditional paper degree with so many setbacks. 

Our clients drive the need for innovation.

We work directly with our clients, listening to their feedback and their ideas for the world of digital credentialing. The reason behind Hyperstack’s rapid growth revolves around creating the best possible experience for our clients and their network of recipients. It is why we are recognized by G2, and why we have an amazing response from them. 

As our clients know, Hyperstack’s Credential Cloud platform is used to create, design, issue, and securely store digital credentials for any type of organization that requires them. Customer satisfaction goes beyond the platform. In fact, it is our clients that help push the need for digital credentials. 

When our clients issue digital credentials using our Credential Cloud platform, they help their recipients connect to professional opportunities and networks directly, and allow them to engage and lay the impression that they are well-versed with new technologies and exist as digital natives. On top of this, issuing digital credentials help source talent based on skills rather than institution reputation and grade point averages, and fuel the global movement towards skill-based recognition and hiring. 

In addition to this, the digital credentials that our clients issue directly impact the future of the professional working environment, and help remove boundaries that stop talent sourcing and acquisition and instead allow for more diverse, passionate, and skillful workforces. 

Without these strong bonds, Hyperstack wouldn’t have been able to deliver these high-quality experiences.

We look forward to building strong relationships with our current and future clients, while we strive towards an education industry where anyone can learn anything, at any time, and have the credentials to back their claims. We’d like to end with a thank you to our clients and appreciate their continuous contributions and trust in us as we move forward in this education revolution.

Looking for a way to provide your organization with secure, authentic, and customizable digital credentials? You found us just in time. 

Join Hyperstack and create your first credential in as little as 15 minutes, and start your digital journey today!

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