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With Hyperstack,

hyperstack ghost certificate

Issue Certificate

Smart Certificate

Traditional paper certificates and pdf certificates AKA Ghost Certificates are time consuming, labor intensive and susceptible to tampering. Smart certificates combine the best of both worlds while offering a completely secure and privacy focused validation of credentials.

Hyperstack Credential Cloud

Certificates & Badges

Powered by Decentralization Technology

Smart certificates issued on the credential cloud are secured by hedera's hashgraph decentralization technology, that bulletproofs your certificates and greatly increases the reputation of the certificate and the course.



Each entry is maintained in millions of decentralized nodes, So no single point of failure

Worldwide global

Worldwide Acceptance

Hashgraph and Digital signature are legally accepted worldwide as a proof of evidence.

trace back

Reverse Traceable

Each and every record entry can be tracked back which is a breakthrough on trust inheritance


Military grade Encryption

Every entry is encrypted and stored with military grade encryption technology

Make Your Credentials
More Effective

Stone Age

Legacy & Traditional

cross iconManual Design

cross iconLabour Intensive

cross iconExpensive to print

cross iconIndividual Mailing

cross iconTime Consuming

cross iconNot Secure

cross iconCumbersome to verify

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Weeks to Months

Digital Era

Smart Certificate

check iconSmart Design Studio

check iconBulk issue of certificates

check iconInstant Delivery

check iconBlockchain Powered

check iconDigital Wallet

check iconSocial media shares

check iconInstant Verification

check iconBranding & White-Labeling

and many more...

check iconMilitary Grade Encryption

check iconData & Analytics

check iconMeasurement and Insights

check iconPrivacy & Control

check iconLMS & CRM Integration

check iconEco-Friendly

and many more...

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Minutes to Issue

Designed to go beyond
Certificates & Badges

Powered by Blockchain Technology

Your certificates can act as referrals and marketing campaigns that stay on your customer's social profiles forever. The more you issue the more your social presence grows. Our blockchain based system makes your certificates authentic and secures your organizational identity and eliminates the possibility of fakes.


Built-in Design Studio


Scheduled Issuing


Multi-Blockchain Support


Branding & White labeling

Instant verification


Digital wallet

Digital Wallet

open badge V2.0

Open Badge
v2.0 Compliant

third party integration

3rd Party

accelerate time to value

Accelerate time to value

Hyperstack’s No-Code Credential Cloud platform allows online learning providers, schools, and universities to sign-up, design and issue credentials in a matter of minutes.

full automation

Automate or integrate to deliver
business velocity

Issue thousands of credentials In just a single click with our easy bulk upload process or through advanced workflow integration. Our platform supports a easy process to bulk upload the list of recipients as well as advanced workflows leveraging integration with over 4000+ tools and platforms.

credential wallet

One wallet to hold them all

Our built-in wallet for students helps them manage their credential portfolio in a single place. This helps them to receive credentials from multiple providers and have those credentials in their Hyperstack wallet which also creates a frictionless user experience.

accelerate time to value

Deliver an exceptional experience for your students as well as verification agencies

Students and verification agencies spend a lot of time verifying certificates and credentials. Hyperstack’s Smart Credentials allow for instant verification which cuts down the time to verify credentials from weeks to seconds! Reducing the time and friction in the verification process thus helps improve the customer experience.

More reasons to love Hyperstack Credentials

It's not just about infrastructure and underlying technology, you get a whole range of features that will enable you to take customizability and branding to a whole different level.

user friendly

User Friendly



24/7 support

24/7 Support Team


Marketing Strategy Support


Community benefits



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