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Smart Certificate

A certificate which you can share, manage, verify, control the privacy of your credentials, and also make a classy certificate with custom template on your own. Request a demo with us and get to see yourself.

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Hyperstack Future of Universal Identity

Powered by world's best technology

Hyperstack technology stackHyperstack technology stackHyperstack technology stackHyperstack technology stackHyperstack technology stack

Trust is no more a boundary to scale up
Reinvented 2000 year old technology

*Papers were invented in 100 BC

traditional method

The Old way

Paper is considered as the only trust medium since 100 BC

cross iconNo trust

cross iconNo Authenticity

cross iconLoss of maintaining certificates

cross iconCan't be recovered if lost

cross iconNo proof of work

cross iconMore fake documents leading to scams.

The Hyperstack way

Our Way (The Right way)

Reinvented with revolutionary
Hashgraph Technology

check iconImmutable (can't be edited if once written)

check iconIndestructible (Stored for lifetime)(Can't be lost)

check iconTime stamp are maintained (Trust)

check iconNo duplicate entry or fraud

check iconMore generic & user friendly

check iconHighly secured

Hyperstack Applications

Built for Digital Era

Decentralized Ledger is the next generation after cloud computing, many of the major problems can be solved with this Hashgraph technology given below...

College Degreespointer down

Land Ownershippointer down

Copyright pointer down

Digital Signaturepointer down

Experience certificatespointer down

Not limited to this, it has N number of use cases!

Hyperstack Key features


Each entry is maintained in millions of decentralized nodes, So no single point of failure

Hyperstack Key features

Legally Accepted

Hashgraph and Digital signature are legally accepted worldwide as a proof of evidence.

Hyperstack Key features

Reverse Traceable

Each and every record entry can be tracked back which is a breakthrough on trust inheritance

Hyperstack Key features

256-bit Encryption

Every entry is encrypted and stored with military grade encryption technology

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