Frequently asked
questions, answered.

What is Hyperstack?

Hyperstack is a Blockchain based credentialing platform that enables and automates the issuance of digital certificates, badges, transcripts, diplomas and other credentials.

How Hyperstack works?

Hyperstack automates the generation of digital certificates, badges and credentials and validates the authenticity of the credentials on the blockchain.

What is Hedera hashgraph?

Hedera Hashgraph is an advanced enterprise Blockchain infrastructure that enables the no trust authenticity requirements for Hyperstack.

What is a smart digital certificate?

A smart digital certificate does not just act like a regular pdf certificate or paper certificate, rather it is interactive, shareable, and validatable.

How is it different from traditional PDF certificates?

Traditional PDF certificates hold little to no value as they are easy to fake/tamper, validation is impossible and difficult to share, whereas smart certificates issued on Hyperstack can overcome all these hurdles with ease.