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How many recipients you issue per year (RPY)?

Recipients per year is calculated by number of recipients who gets the credentials from your organization in a year. Also called as RPYs.

How many recipient per year should I select ?

To get an idea of your Recipients Per Year (RPY) count, The count of RPYs is based on the number of recipients who gets the certificate from your organization. Recipients are only counted once per year, even if they get multiple certificates or badges throughout the year.

What is the rate if I go over my estimate ?

We don't stop issuing your credentials. Any additional recipient over your selected plan amount will be charged at the overage price mentioned above and billed the following month. Learn more about additional data. Additionally, volume discounts are baked in. You can save money by giving your organization room to grow!



One Time

Hyperstack Plan

1000 Recipients

600 USD

1000 Recipients

50 USD

Save 20% Discount on Annual Plan


-120 USD


50 USD


480 USD

Overages Per Recipient at 0.45 USD

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