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5 Ways To Drive Traffic Using Digital Credentials

With the advent of social media and the modernization of traditional marketing, organizations and business must get creative with their marketing strategies and drive traffic to their funnels, and using digital credentials is an innovative way to do exactly that. 

Everyone has switched to or is making the switch to living a digital life – from buying products such as groceries and clothes to running entire enterprises – all of it is happening online. Like it or not, the digital era is at its peak, and it’s your job to adapt your marketing strategy to match if you haven’t already. 

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that covers any form of marketing that happens online. Forming a digital marketing strategy involves analyzing where your target audience is and how to you can engage them effectively. A highly successful digital marketing strategy aims to grow a follower base organically. Aggressively marketing your brand will only make your audience dislike it. Encouraging positive engagement and providing amazing value and services to your target audience is the best way to market your brand. 

But how can digital credentials be implemented into your digital marketing strategy?

Digital Credentials provide value to the recipient as well as the institution that provides them, they can also be used effectively in your digital marketing strategy to drive traffic. The main reason lies in the fact that they are customizable, exist in the digital realm, and hence, can be shared and engaged with anywhere else online. But the best part is that digital credentials are an amazing form of authentic marketing, and as we mentioned earlier, grow followers organically. 

On Hyperstack’s platform, Digital Credentials link to a verification page, which can be customized and white-labeled and can be tailor-made to fit your brand. When a recipient receives a digital credential, they can be encouraged to share their credential, store them in their digital wallets, add them to their social media profiles, and even integrate it with their professional environment. The options are limited to your marketing team’s creativity. 

Unless the goal is to build brand awareness, marketers usually aim to bring potential and existing customers to your website or app. 

Here are 5 ways to drive traffic using digital credentials. 

Dedicated Landing Pages

Receiving a digital credential for the first time sparks some curiosity in the recipient’s mind. They’ll be thinking about all the possibilities that they can do with this new technology, and the first thing they will look at is how the credential will be verified. Having a dedicated landing page where both recipients and recruiters, even potential customers, can the validity of a credential as well as view other credentials offered allows a boost of direct traffic to your website. Finishing the page with a call-to-action is key as there must be a way for visitors to be converted into customers. In other words, conversion has to take place. 

Using Emails

Emails are an age-old tool for marketers and are still a popular method of marketing that most companies don’t know how to utilize properly. Spamming emails to clients and potential customers is not the way to do it. Doing it subtly is a clever way and authentic way to promote your website. 

Recipients can use their digital wallets or credentials on their emails to show proof of competency by adding an email signature. When a recipient sends an email with an email signature containing a digital credential issued by your business, will provide their contacts and colleagues a gateway to your website, as long as a tiny part of them wishes to view and maybe even verify their digital credential, sending them to your verification page.

Social Media Engagement

The world thrives on social networks. As sad and dystopian as it may be, people get their news, connect with new and old friends, and make a living off of social media. Taking a small piece of the pie isn’t much, so if you’re not asking for it, then you’re missing out on a major source of traffic. Digital Credentials can be used to market your website in a way that you might not realize. 

Encouraging recipients to share their newly earned digital credentials allows you to get word-of-mouth marketing. Engaging with their post or story of your digital credential shines a good light on your business, and turns a recipient into an advocator. Implementing this simple task in your social media marketing puts you in the eyes of like-minded individuals that are potential customers and also gains you an ambassador. 


Collaborating with other businesses and organizations that provide similar credentials is a great way to tap into each other’s audiences. It allows you to ease on the marketing as another entity will be putting in half the work as well. For instance, issuing digital credentials to employees of the other business will allow for both email marketing and direct traffic to your site in the network and, to an extent, the audience, of that business. 

Events and Conferences

One of the most important pillars that must be strong for any company’s success is making sure whether or not people are aware of it. Taking a step into the real world for your marketing strategy might not make sense to drive traffic to an online website, but it is still one of the most effective and critical ways to market. Face-to-face conversations are still the best way to build trust and generate a funnel into your website. 

Whether its a job fair or conference, ensuring that digital credentials or badges are incorporated into your presentation is a tried and tested way to effectively market your products and services to your target audience, as visually stimulating them with the background working of your digital credentials gives them a good impression of your company without even engaging with them directly. 

Looking for a way to provide your organization with secure, authentic, and customizable digital credentials? You found us just in time. 

Join Hyperstack and create your first credential in as little as 15 minutes, and start your digital journey today!

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