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Are Digital Credentials Worth Paying For In 2023

Digital Credentials are still a relatively new technology, and many organizations have just started to test out the various benefits of digital credentials.

Think about all of the accomplishments you’ve achieved in your lifetime: Where are those achievements currently displayed? In your home? On your desk? Stuck at the registrar’s office? There’s a better way to use, display, and share those accomplishments: digital credentials. They represent an individual’s merits and achievements through a digital medium, instead of the age-old notion of paper certificates. They are the fastest, most secure, and most efficient way to verify an individual’s skills and abilities

Deciding on the perfect platform for creating certificates and credentials that accommodate your needs can be really tedious. As with everything, there are so many options to choose from, and not all of them are the best option for your business. Some are cheaper. Others are more expensive. Some offer more features and some fewer. But, at the end of the day, most of them provide similar services and features.

So the question arises, are digital credentials worth paying for in 2023? And if so, what are the best choices out there for your company?

Creating, distributing, verifying, and validating digital credentials can be inefficient and tiring when done manually, as it gets repetitive and errors can be made. Also, it may require a lot of time to produce or verify a digital credential. When this happens, the fun and creative task of creating and designing a digital credential becomes annoying and unpleasant. Obviously, no one wants that to happen. So companies invest in various tools – one of such tools being a digital credential platform. The industry leaders charge a kidney for their services but do deliver. But do you really need all of their services?

Two examples of industry leaders, Accredible and Credly, offer comprehensive features for designing and issuing badges, and enterprise-class functionality for scaling and managing programs. It also provides advanced analytics and insights to measure success. Finally, your data and products are secure with their security and privacy features if you use their services, therefore, offering digital credentials and badge creation that enable organizations to monitor employee credentials and credential processes.

Both of them are the oldest and largest digital credentialing platforms, but their features and services might not be the best solution for every company, and as a result, their platforms may not meet the needs of “smaller” companies who want some more affordable options. 

What does their pricing look like?

Accredible charges $960 a year for its base plan, and Credly pricing is hard to find, as there is no public information anywhere on its website. But, as far as we know, both tool don’t have a free trial version.

As Credly doesn’t really mention or talk about its pricing plans on its website, the only way for you to see all of the necessary information such as prices, periods, discounts, and billing cycles, is to directly contact their sales team, or after you create an account. And talking to their sales team doesn’t get you anywhere if you aren’t a legitimate customer or potential client. There is no option to test out their platforms either, you just need to take a leap of faith and hope that it works for you.

This is a problem since it drives away potential users. Most people want to know about pricing options before making a choice. It leads to the question: is it worth paying for digital credentials?

Before thinking about if you should pay for digital credentials, you should first know what digital credentials bring to the table. 

Digital credentials turn your knowledge and skills into credible sources of your value. They can give you a little edge over your competitors, driving real revenue to the bottom line for your organization. Here are the most important reasons why digital credentials are so valuable.

  • Free brand marketing. Digital credentials are a visual and optimized form factor for sharing on social and professional networks such as Facebook and Linkedin. This builds brand awareness, brand value, and demand for your organization’s credentials and has a real impact. For example, IBM’s digital badge program has garnered more than 200 million estimated social media impressions through early 2018, which is equal to $39,000 per month in marketing value.
  • Reduce turnover, and save recruiting costs. Providing new work opportunities or projects to employees will boost their morale and satisfaction. And that is a huge factor in the growth and stability of a company.
  • Increased revenue. Not only do digital credentials have the ability to increase reach and engagement, but they also increase productivity and overall revenue of the company

But what if you could get all these benefits without blowing your company’s budget in one go? 

Meet Hyperstack.

This full-service digital credentialing platform for certificates and badges has everything you need to generate outstanding digital documents. At Hyperstack, we have affordable plans to accommodate your needs.

Hyperstack aims to let its clients create, manage, issue, and share online certificates as easily and quickly as possible. To do so, any client can use our very own design studio which supports integration with popular platforms such as Canva and allows for professional designs to be completed or previously designed certificates to be uploaded very quickly. 

We also allow you to build your own plan, and you can customize your plan according to your organization’s size and needs. You will get access to all of our solutions and our entire platform without hidden fees or limitations. 

Some of our key features include:

  • Customizable credentials with your branding
  • Dedicated verification pages
  • Advanced analytics with 20+ insights
  • Multi-Blockchain support
  • Extensible to many applications
  • Integrates with popular social media 

You’ll get all of this, with complete and total security.

And the best part? There’s a free plan as well! If you’re just starting out and are looking for a digital credential platform, with features, security, and at an affordable price, then Hyperstack is the place to be. 

So to answer the question, are digital credentials worth paying for? Absolutely. It’s not even a question, to begin with. The question you should be asking is, how much should you be paying? Hyperstack’s free plan is perfect for new and small companies, but that doesn’t mean we leave out the enterprises. We’ve made sure to not ignore anyone, so in turn, don’t ignore us!

What are you waiting for?

Join Hyperstack and create your first credential in as little as 15 minutes, and start your digital journey today!


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