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Create A Digital Certificate For Free On Hyperstack

Creating a digital certificate has never been easier!

Say you created an online learning program and you want your students to receive legitimate, verifiable certificates that can be authenticated and shared at any given moment. Well, Hyperstack is the right place. Save yourself the time of manually adding recipient names and uploading them to a cloud, and instead, let Hyperstack do all the work for you! With Hyperstack’s Credential Cloud, you can create, manage and issue digital credentials with ease. 

The only thing you will have to do is to design a certificate, tell us the recipient details such as their name, and email, and that’s it! Sit back and relax while Hyperstack works its magic!

Here’s how you can create a digital certificate or badge in just 3 easy steps.

First things first, create a Hyperstack account by using this link

1. Design a Certificate 

Hyperstack’s Credential Cloud not only stores your digital certificates and badges securely, but it also comes with our very own Design Studio platform. The Design Studio also natively integrates with Canva, allowing you to use all of the app’s features including its thousands of templates, benefits, and design experience. 

Whether or not you have design experience or just hired a designer, look through our certificate templates powered by Canva to let your imagination flow. With the first step, you should now be able to identify a certificate design that you and your future recipients connect with. Look for certificates that you would want to have, and that you would feel proud to receive.

Hyperstack's Design Studio

2. Create a Credential Group and upload a recipient’s list

Creating a credential group is an important step in issuing credentials, the credential group has the information that the certificate issuer wants to put forward to the viewers of the certificate about the course/program. You can also set up the certificate/badge template associated with the credential group and manage other settings for the course/program.

The credential group makes it easy to manage credentials from a single place in the app.

Issuing your certificates and badges on the Credential Cloud is simple. Once you import/design your dynamic certificate or badge design and create a credential group for the course/program you can start issuing the credentials for the same.

Issuing Digital Certificates

If you’re wondering about the CSV template, do not worry! Download the template by clicking the button on the right. 

3. Review your credentials and send them out!

Once you’ve uploaded your recipient’s list, Hyperstack will allow you to review your credentials and make the necessary changes. 

Digital Certificate Review on Hyperstack's Credential Cloud

Everyone will receive their own unique digital credential directly to their emails, and will have their own verification page as well!

Congratulations! You have just created and sent out your first batch of digital credentials. Yes, it is and will always be that easy. 

Are you ready to issue your own digital certificates?

Join Hyperstack and create your first credential in as little as 15 minutes, and start your digital journey today!

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