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Maximize The Value Of Your Certificate

Completing a course takes time and energy, and a learner must feel rewarded for the effort they’ve put in. They want to show other people that they have gained new skills, and they will do that by sharing their digital certificates. 

Every learner is picky. They have the right to be. After all, they’re the ones that are going to be investing their time money and effort.

For your certificate to have value, that is, for people to want to obtain a digital certificate or a badge from your organization, is to ensure that your organization has a good reputation from employers and recruiters and that they can easily verify and validate the legitimacy of credentials that you issue. 

Here’s how Hyperstack can help maximize your certificate. 

Hyperstack has helped some of the world’s top universities and organizations to issue certificates and badges to thousands of recipients. We focus on three main aspects of digital credentialing that allow us to maximize the value of your certificate. 

Building Your Brand

Using Hyperstack guarantees a significant increase in brand awareness as our Design Studio allows you to white-label digital credentials that you are going to issue and gives you complete access to customize certificates to your liking. 

Hyperstack’s platform provides a dedicated verification page that acts as both a validating entity as well as a landing page for your organization. The best part is that it can also be customized and white-labeled, giving you full access and control over it. 

Ensuring Security

Learners and professionals are more inclined to enroll in your program if they are assured that their digital certificates cannot be tampered with and are stored securely. Hyperstack automates the generation of digital certificates, badges, and credentials and validates the authenticity of the credentials on the blockchain. Hedera Hashgraph is an advanced enterprise Blockchain infrastructure that enables the no-trust authenticity requirements for Hyperstack. 

Leveraging and adapting new technology

Digital Credentials in themselves are a relatively new technology, and the technology behind that is constantly evolving. Innovations in the credentialing industry are continuously being developed, and Hyperstack is at the front of the pack in terms of adapting and using these innovations to improve our platform’s experience and security for its customers. 

Hyperstack’s Credential Cloud platform is an innovative new way to store digital credentials on the blockchain. With Hyperstack, your organization can issue instantly verifiable and authentic digital certificates. 

Maximize the value of your certificate and take your organization into the future with Hyperstack.

Whether you’re an organization that offers free online courses and are looking to go more premium, or if you charge your students and want to differentiate yourself from the competition, Hyperstack’s platform will take you to that next step.

Join Hyperstack and create your first credential in as little as 15 minutes, and start your digital journey today!

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