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Why Are Portable Credentials Incredibly Useful?

Imagine having the ability to show your qualifications and skills in mere seconds, and proving their legitimacy at the same time. 

Whether you like it or not, digital credentials are the future. As with any disruptive innovation, digital credentials are new and rapidly growing, and not many people really know what they are, or why they’re so powerful. Read more about digital credentials here.

Not only do they show proof of higher education certification, but the insights provided by digital credentials are also used by educational providers to track the success of learning pathways for informed decision-making. Digital credentials make the credentialing process more efficient through integration with existing ed-tech such as learning management systems or learning experience platforms. Whether the learning is delivered through online courses, in-person, or through hybrid environments, digital credentials provide a modern initiative for recognizing and rewarding achievement.

So how portable are digital credentials?

The portability of digital credentials comes from the potential to add digital certificates and digital badges to smartphone devices. Students, Graduates, and Employees can upload verifiable records of their achievements to digital wallets that are supported on all smartphone devices. They are able to offer evidence of their higher ed certifications and career-advancing credentials on the go. 

This is beneficial while imparting proof of expertise or abilities to third parties which includes recruiters and hiring managers at some point of task interviews or employment opinions. They also can use their portable credentials to provide evidence of eligibility to work on-website consisting of in a clinical facility or on a production website. Graduates can add more than one digital credential to their digital wallet to ensure that they can access their vital certifications anywhere they go.

“Portable Credentials allow me to take my credentials anywhere. I could do the same with a photo of my certificate. Why are they incredibly useful?”


The biggest issue most people face with regard to their credentials is the ability to be tampered with, or damaged. Portable Credentials don’t face this issue. Not only are they unchangeable, but they also can’t be lost, or damaged, and can always be traced back to a source.

When it comes to data, security is always top of mind — and you need a solution that satisfies this priority. With a trusted digital credentials platform at their fingertips, learners can share their records with third parties, including other educational institutions or employers, and rest assured their information remains secure.


With improved access, institutions and employers can quickly and easily verify learners’ academic records. Students can also access their certificates and badges as digital credentials can conveniently be stored in a digital wallet. 


Education providers can take advantage of reduced costs and streamlined processes from these digital solutions. This enables self-service for learners and employers who can eliminate the need for back and forth with third parties. 


Hyperstack’s platform uses blockchain technology to securely store and verify your digital credentials. With us, you will be able to send, receive or verify blockchain-anchored records without requiring an intermediary. Within a few seconds and not too many clicks, you will be able to provide a legitimate, secure, digital credential, or verify its signature if you are an employer.

Digital credentials can keep a vocational education provider’s brand modern and relevant – and even set it ahead of the competitive pack.

By embracing digital credentials, providers align themselves with the latest thinking and practice in education as well as the technology in the hands of learners.

With all of the benefits a more optimized system can offer, it might be a good time to consider how digital credentials can improve your institution’s processes and learner experience.

Looking to provide your organization with secure, authentic, and customizable digital credentials? You found us just in time.

Join Hyperstack and create your first credential in as little as 15 minutes, and start your digital journey today!

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