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Why Gamification Will Revolutionize The Education Industry

Gamification in the education sector is not as simple as adding games to the classroom but involves completely redesigning the content and structure of how we teach a concept in a curriculum. This, if done well, can create a sense of challenge, and achievement and increase the overall enjoyment of the learner. It can help motivate learners that struggle to understand concepts or focus for long periods of time. 

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Gamification is disrupting traditional education. This is not a bad thing, as the education industry has been due a reform for quite some time. Traditional education, often seen as boring and involving rote memorization is very unengaging for most learners. Gamifiying the current format of learning involves incorporating game mechanics and elements to make learning more appealing to a wide demographic.  

And it’s not just us. In the last few years, studies conducted by universities around the world have shown results that gamifying the learning experience is increasing performance and engagement among students. A study by the University of Texas showed that gamification increased motivation, engagement, and the learning outcomes of students in an effective manner. Another study conducted by a group of scholars showed that there is a significant impact of gamification on students’ learning, engagement, and behavior. 

Remote Learning And Gamification

The pandemic brought the widespread adoption of online and hybrid learning modes. This brought access to education to many people who didn’t have the infrastructure for proper schooling. Gamification helps connect the experience of online and offline learning and creates an enhanced experience for students. 

One of the biggest benefits of gamification is that it is easily adaptable. As gamification is the addition and incorporation of game elements and not games entirely, educators and organizations just need to think of innovative ways of doing so, instead of learning the technical skills required to design a game from scratch.

Inculcating A Sense Of Achievement And Competition

One of the key aspects of gamification is that it rewards learners when a course or topic is completed, just like how you are rewarded when you finish a level in a game. This not only instills a sense of achievement in the learner but also gives them a tangible reward in the form of a certificate or badge. 

With the introduction of online learning models, digital certificates and badges are being incorporated with gamified platforms to provide rewards that can be used in the real world. Hyperstack’s platform is already helping universities and educational institutions gamify their courses with digital certificates and badges. 

Not only can we bring a sense of achievement, but we can also foster healthy competition among learners by creating a global or local leaderboard that showcases the number of badges that an individual has, and compare that with other learners. A platform that does this well is Khan Academy, with its badges and learner points system. Learners will see a badge that can be achieved by putting in an hour or two of learning, and in the process, learn new concepts as well!

In Conclusion

Gamification is beginning to revolutionize the education sector around the world, and it is able to do this by making education fun and enjoyable. And so, as this trend continues to grow, educators and educational institutions will have an opportunity to fully realize the potential of a gamified experience for learners.

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