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Why Working With Hyperstack Will Give Your Brand Credibility

Making the change to digital credentials provides the infrastructure to positively change the way organizations do business.

Digital Credentials are the future of certification. By now, you must have a surface-level understanding of what digital credentials are, and how they work. Learners and working professionals are constantly looking for online platforms that allow them to gain skills without having to devote long hours to the course, and learn according to their pace.

Digital credentials provide greater value than the simple implementation of digital delivery for certificates and badges. They open avenues to additional revenue, create access to new markets, provide additional marketing and distribution channels, and improve internal efficiency. Where the goal is to create an improved customer experience and deliver greater value, the implementation of digital credentials helps organizations to succeed. 

Hyperstack is a digital credentialing platform that stores and verifies credentials on the blockchain. With both public and private ledgers, we have made all sorts of record-keeping efficient and effective. 

At Hyperstack, we aim to provide your organization with reliable, authentic, and verifiable digital credentials that in turn give your organization’s brand credibility. 

Our platform offers a dynamic, built-in solution using blockchain technology, to verify your credentials, which can be used by anyone looking to verify the credentials that you issue! Students that successfully complete your course or program, or achieve a record at your organization will be able to use the digital credentials that you issue to get admitted or hired fast. Your organization in turn gets the image of being contemporary, and trustworthy. With digital credentials, your organization can: 

Improve Internal Efficiency

Paper certificates and physical credentials require time to design, print, package and deliver. In a case study with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), it was taking four staff members two days each month to complete and send batches of physical certificates. After implementing digital credentials, they were able to almost eliminate this time entirely. This helped move simple operational services (such as managing name changes) to the customer services group and free up the certification department. 

Additional Marketing & Distribution Channels

Using physical certificates restricts an organization in terms of control over marketing and distribution once a certificate is in the hands of a recipient. The organization can ask a recipient to share their achievement but the journey isn’t succinct. Recipients must photograph or scan their certificate, and in many cases edit the image file before sharing it to their preferred social platforms or via email. 

Digital credentials can be shared in one click via the live credential page, or encouraged from a clear call to action in the delivery email. By personalizing the journey via the delivery email CTA, organizations gain increased control over the visibility of their issued credentials to preferred social platforms. 

Access to New Markets

The limitations of physical credentials create difficulty for organizations looking to break into new markets. There are the time constraints previously mentioned, alongside the cost of sending certificates out of the country or across continents. Physical credentials are also restricted in the amount of information they convey which influences the value of the award. 

For example, a physical credential issued for the competency of AWS doesn’t translate effectively when issued outside of a native credentialing system. How does a hiring manager looking at a physical credential from Company A understand the value compared to one issued from Company B? 

The simplicity of issuing digital credentials eases the process of expansion into new markets and scaling programs without creating additional labor. The space provided for evidence, transcripts, and comprehensive skill tags, better translates the efforts and capabilities of a potential candidate. 

Generate Additional Revenue

One of the key benefits of the digital transformation impact on organizations is the generation of additional revenue streams. Organizations meeting the skill-gap demand through targeted programs and training can ease the process of scaling or offering additional learning opportunities. Associations and non-profits can automate membership renewals and increase levels of affiliation and participation. Greater control over the validity of digital credentials provides options for expiry. This encourages candidates to return to renew their skills and remain up-to-date on best practices within target sectors.

Hyperstack’s platform allows you to easily issue, verify, manage, and revoke verifiable credentials and decentralized identities.

Our approach intends to remove the manual verification steps from the process of issuing and handling non-verifiable credentials and saves an organization heaps of time. Digital Credentials also stop any fraudulent activity and ensure all credentials on a digital wallet are genuine.

With hundreds of organizations offering online courses, businesses must work to set themselves apart from the competition. Digital Credentials allow organizations to produce unique certifications tailored to each individual and stop any fraudulent activity. Millions of people sign up for online courses daily. With most free online courses, everyone, whether they’ve attended or not, receives a certificate verifying they have completed the course.

With Hyperstack, you can:

  • issue your digital certificates and badges from your organization’s or institution’s domain and email address with completely customizable branding on your digital credential and verification page. 
  • analyze data with our measurements and insights module that allows for multiple data points about students and prospects to be captured which in turn can be fed into your marketing and sales strategies
  • relax and not worry about the security of your credentials as our blockchain-based system makes your certificates authentic and secures your organizational identity and eliminates the possibility of fakes. With our multi-blockchain support, you can issue digital credentials on any blockchain on your own preference.
  • Integrate Hyperstack’s digital credentialing platform with popular learning management platforms around the world. With our easy-to-use integration module, you can easily do so in just 10 minutes!

Take your business into the future with digital credentials 

Whether you’re an organization that offers free online courses and are looking to go more premium, or if you charge your students and want to differentiate yourself from the competition, Hyperstack’s platform will take you to that next step.

Looking for a way to provide your organization with secure, authentic, and customizable digital credentials? You found us just in time. 

Join Hyperstack and create your first credential in as little as 15 minutes, and start your digital journey today!

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