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Best Alternatives To Credly In 2023

Credly is a big name in the digital credential industry, and rightfully so, as they have been providing secure and verifiable digital credentials since 2012.

By reading this article, we can tell you have an interest in digital credentials. Maybe you’re an online teacher that wants to provide their students with a verifiable badge that they have passed your course. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur and want to start an online course and make sure it has some value to pitch to potential students. 

As Credly doesn’t really mention or talk about its pricing plans on its website, the only way for you to see all of the necessary information such as prices, periods, discounts, and billing cycles, is to directly contact their sales team, or after you create an account. And talking to their sales team doesn’t get you anywhere if you aren’t a legitimate customer or potential client. There is no option to test out their platforms either, you just need to take a leap of faith and hope that it works for you.

This is a problem since it drives away potential users. Most people want to know about pricing options before making a choice. While Credly’s services are remarkable, it may not be exactly what you need, and so, we arrive at the question:

What are the best alternatives to Credly?

#1 Hyperstack

Hyperstack - #1 Credly Alternative

This full-service digital credentialing platform for certificates and badges has everything you need to generate outstanding digital documents. At Hyperstack, we have affordable plans to accommodate your needs.

Hyperstack aims to let its clients create, manage, issue, and share online certificates as easily and quickly as possible. To do so, any client can use our very own design studio which supports integration with popular platforms such as Canva and allows for professional designs to be completed or previously designed certificates to be uploaded very quickly. 

We also allow you to build your own plan, and you can customize your plan according to your organization’s size and needs. You will get access to all of our solutions and our entire platform without hidden fees or limitations. 

Some of our key features include:

  • Customizable credentials with your branding
  • Dedicated verification pages
  • Advanced analytics with 20+ insights
  • Multi-Blockchain support
  • Extensible to many applications
  • Integrates with popular social media 

You’ll get all of this, with complete and total security.

And the best part? There’s a free plan as well! If you’re just starting out and are looking for a digital credential platform, with features, security, and an affordable price, then Hyperstack is the place to be. It is the best alternative to Credly.

#2 Sertifier

Sertifier - #2 Credly Alternative

In order to revolutionize traditional certificate design and printing processes, Sertifier offers customers the ability to create digital and verifiable professional certificates by integrating software and web services. 

Bulk sending is possible, even when you use one template. And online certificates can always be tracked – whether they are received, opened, or shared on social media, and what skill base is created in the institution and industry. The mission of industry-leading digital certificates, such as Serifier, is to develop them to the degree that society will enjoy their benefits and that friction due to inefficiencies is eliminated.

This alternative to Credly has a lot of integrations like Moodle, Canvas LMS, Thinkific, and Zapier integrations. Also, data analytics are available with this app. So it allows you to understand everything about your skills, engagement, visibility, and more.

Moreover, they have transparent pricing plan details. 

You can use a free account or upgrade it to Basic, Premium, Premium Plus, and Enterprise pricing. In addition, every one of these programs gives you a free week for testing.

#3 NetCredential 

NetCredential - #3 Credly Alternative

It is easy to build, deliver, share, and verify digital certificates with NetCredential. It allows organizations to seamless integration and automation, employers to verify their legitimacy, and learners to share their achievements.

Digital credentials are secure and verifiable. 

You can choose from thousands of digital badge design templates or create your own entirely. One way or another, the process of creating and sending out certificates is greatly accelerated, making it not only more efficient but also more cost-effective.

Additionally, you can share your certificates with your students and encourage increased awareness and engagement by allowing them to view their private credentials from anywhere using this very easy-to-use tool.

It is easy with NetCredential to track and manage all the credentials that you send out, allowing you to be in the know at all times. Furthermore, the way certificates and other documents that require verification are stored online is well organized.

Fortunately, this alternative to Credly certificates lets you create 100 projects for free! However, no other information is given about pricing, so you’re going to have to contact them directly to get that information.

#4 CVTrust

CVTrust - #4 Credly Alternative

The Smart Certificate platform from CV Trust is a very safe way to secure the process of issuing, sharing, and checking certified credentials. Through this easy-to-use alternative to Credly certificates, CV Trust company wants to provide high-level services like creating, managing, and delivering credentials and related documents for their clients. And every digital certificate put in CVs is labeled as trusted.

Companies, universities, training centers, schools, and government agencies can issue certified documents, while individuals can use them for career advancement.

This digital certificate generator may be handy for students who can share their digital credentials online. It facilitates their relationship with recruiters, which, as a result, makes it easier to get the dream job.

What’s more, with Smart Certificate, take full advantage of the highest security and privacy levels. Pricing starts from $97 (for 50 docs) to $2277 (for 3000 docs).

#5 TruScholar

TruScholar is a digital credentialing platform that stores its digital certificates and badges on the blockchain. Founded in 2020, it aims to use blockchain technology to secure the credentials of institutions and improve their issuance & verification system.

TruScholar has a free base plan available and allows you to issue up to 50 certificates after which you will have to upgrade to the premium plan. They also have the option for custom pricing according to your needs.

Is Hyperstack your best choice?

In this article, we’ve analyzed Credly and its best alternatives in this article. Although they are similar to each other, they have some distinguishing features.

Hyperstack is a platform tailored to the needs of small and large companies at an excellent price! Moreover, it provides only great features and a comprehensive design suite for your certificates.

So, create an account and see today what else you can get out of us. We guarantee that you won’t be dissatisfied!

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