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Maximize The Potential Of Digital Credentials With LinkedIn

With over 50 million organizations registered on Linkedin, it’s a terrific way to get leads.

LinkedIn’s user base generates around 9 billion engagements and 280 billion feed views per year. It’s an essential source for both credential issuers and recipients. Employees must have pride in showing off their digital credentials and badges on their LinkedIn profile to boost their chances of getting recognized for their skills and hence, to stimulate a professional network and receive a wide variety of benefits of job listings and employment.

This article purely aims to talk about the value and importance of integrating your digital credentials with your LinkedIn profile. 

Put your abilities and skills on a display

LinkedIn provides its user the ability to create what we call a “digital resume”. If you take a look through your LinkedIn profile, you should see a section about your work history, education, skills, current certifications, and so on. Users can build up their resumes by completing courses and programs and showcasing the digital credentials and badges that they have earned to improve their chances of them getting hired. 

Adding Your Digital Credentials To LinkedIn

Certificates issued by Hyperstack allow for easy integration and sharability with your favorite social media networks, allowing you to quickly share your accomplishments with your family and friends. 

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional network, so sharing your achievements on the platform not only notifies your friends and colleagues, but it also informs job recruiters and employers about your talents as well. With about 20 million active job listings, the number of connections and opportunities for you to take advantage of are far from few!

Here’s how you can add digital credentials issued by Hyperstack to LinkedIn 

When you receive an email or message from your organization of institution, you will be able to view your digital certificate by click the “View My Certificate” Button. Clicking on that email will redirect you to this page. 

Hyperstack takes into consideration, the different social media one might want to share their credentials. To do so, click on the respective links here. 

However, as we’ve mentioned before, most people like to create a “digital resume” on LinkedIn. More and more employers are accepting LinkedIn profiles for recruitment. This saves a lot of time during a job hunt and makes it easy for employers to find the information relevant to the job opening. A LinkedIn profile is much easier to share than a full resume. With just a few clicks, you’re ready with a PDF containing all your skills and achievements to be shared.

Hyperstack is aware of this. We take note of the importance of building a LinkedIn profile and offer the ability to directly add digital certificates to your LinkedIn profile for employers and recruiters to see. 

adding digital credentials to linkedin

LinkedIn is known as the “professional social network”, but now, it’s becoming more and more useful for job hunters. It’s also great for employees looking to gain experience in a new position in different industries. For organizations, issuing digital credentials is a great way to spread reach and attract new enrollments. It’s an amazing way to gain employer and recruiter trust. 

Organizations can help candidates find jobs faster by encouraging them to share and add their digital certificates. This, in turn, increases your reach as well. It’s a win-win!

Start issuing digital credentials today with Hyperstack’s Credential Cloud. Say goodbye to paper certificates and hello to the vast benefits of digital credentials

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