# Platform Tutorial

The hyperstack Credential Cloud platform is designed to give our users the best user experience, as they issue credentials and badges according to their specific needs. The Credential Cloud platform is constantly updated with new features and patches, the below tutorial will also be constantly updated accordingly. The tutorial is focused on the use of the online platform for issuing your first set of credentials.

Note: This tutorial does not cover all the features in the Credential Cloud platform, only those needed to issue the certificate/badge.

# Getting Started

🧾 1. Create Issuer Account
🚶♀️ 2. Hyperstack dashboard walkthrough
📐 3. Basic Account Setup

# Credential Setup

4. Issuing your first certificate
✒️ 5. Designing Certificate
✒️ 6. Creating Credential Group

# Customization & Branding

📧 7. Email Customization
🖌️ 8. Branding and white-labeling
🤳 9. Social Media integration
📰 10. Showcase Page Setup
🔍 11. Verification Page walkthrough

# Advanced Setup

📈 12. Analytics and Insights Tracking
👨👧👧 13. Team Management

# Miscellaneous

🗃️ How to archive items