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What Should Your Digital Certificate Include?

Digital certificates have many benefits over paper certificates. Planning ahead is crucial when designing digital certificates...


How To Design A Sleek Certificate

While your organization’s reputation might add value to the certificates you issue, another way to do...


Maximize The Value Of Your Certificate

Completing a course takes time and energy, and a learner must feel rewarded for the effort...


5 Ways To Drive Traffic Using Digital Credentials

With the advent of social media and the modernization of traditional marketing, organizations and business must...


Build a Successful Online Course With Digital Credentials

E-learning has become a new normal after the pandemic, and learners prefer online courses as they...

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Why Hyperstack Gives Your Brand Credibility

Why Working With Hyperstack Will Give Your Brand Credibility


Are Digital Credentials Worth Paying For In 2023

Digital Credentials are still a relatively new technology, and many organizations have just started to test...


5 Tips To Showcase Your Brand’s Value With Digital Certificates

Building a great product or service is only part of the process of positioning your organization...


What Are Mirco-Credentials?

As the use of digital credentials increases, and as micro-credentials grow in popularity, we look at...


Prevent Fraud With Digital Credentials

Fraud in the employment industry is very common, and employers have countless means to battle it,...